The Second Throne

by April Larson

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Letters of Utrecht
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Letters of Utrecht Truly epic drone - the sound of galaxies being created and smashed into each other... Favorite track: Sable and Sapphire.
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"The first of the great knowings was this divide between wakefulness and sleep was illusory, that everything was a constant shift between two poles, this being within and this being without. A unified whole, in
order to know itself, must find a point of demarcation, a difference by
which the figure appears from out of the ground. There is, and there is
not, or there is other, we know not which. It is this knowing we seek.
It is not an answer, it is the opportunity for an answer, a place in
which this thought can find rest and resolve itself. A series of loops
become self-sustaining, become collectively autocatalytic, and in this
circumstance where there is no gravity the object remains in frozen
motion, forever. It is not right to speak of time here. This is not that
place. The snow came so heavy, and so thick, it seemed to hang in the air, like a suspended fog, and it clung to us as we passed. It is not
right to call this nature; it is a place away from nature, a hidden
place for hushed voices and held hands. For there to be a me, and for
that me to be here, and for there to be a you, and for that you to be
there, this was unthinkable, but there it was, and here we are."
Darren Bauler


released April 28, 2014

Written, Recorded & Produced by April Larson
Soft Bodies Records



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